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Workflow.com is the workflow automation functionality of the Decisions Platform (decisions.com) for small to mid size companies and teams. It is:

  • Workflow as a service
  • Built without coding
  • No compromise user interactions
  • Affordable (less than $10/day per workflow)
  • Easy to build
  • Process automation in hours or day - not weeks or months
  • … and much more

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Workflow.com is...


Flows are graphically designed by connecting steps found in the toolbox. Flows are the glue that tie together these active elements. Workflow.com has thousands of these steps to choose from. These steps are things your business does like send an email, assign a task, store data in a database, read in an excel document – plus rules to determine which steps to take next.

Visual Flow Designer and Debugger


Forms can be built in a graphical designer – or provided by any other technology via a simple REST or Webservice API. The Workflow.com form builder allows building of dynamic forms with validation, conditional field hiding, and over 75 data controls. Forms can be built for and target mobile and tablet devices.

WYSIWYG Form Designer

User Task Management

Workflow.com has a full featured task management including flexible task classification, SLA’s, delegation and escalations. Task assignments can be made to users, groups, contextual roles and even guests. The task lists are available in the Workflow.com portal, via API, or able to be embedded in a website or portal such as sharepoint.

User and Data-Centric Processes


Smart workflows and forms often need to integrate with data and other systems. Workflow.com features integration to databases and webservices – without writing code. Additionally, there are prebuilt integrations to common protocols such as FTP, IMAP and HTTP as well as handling of standard file formats such as PDF, Word, Excel, CSV, JSON and XML.

Integration Studio

Dashboards and Reports

Create reports and dashboards to have visibility into the overall state of your workflows, to view individual workflows details or even track KPI/Metric Data.

Dashboards and Reporting Designer

... And More

Workflow.com has ‘building block’ type features to be included in your workflows. Common business functions such as managing documents, feedback or notifications are provided as integrated services exposed to the flow designer. These are just a few of the 85 business services that are provided out of the box with the Workflow.com platform. All these services are ‘optional’ – as existing applications and services in your environment can be integrated.

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