Design Studio

The fully integrated design studio encompasses designing, testing, and deploying business configurations to automate processes. From concept to deployment, it's done in the same place, in the same paradigm.

No Code Environment

No code to write.

No script.

No structured text.



All elements of automating business processes (flows, forms, integrations, dashboards, etc.) can be done using the no-code, drag and drop design environment in the platform. This makes designing applications simple for both business users and technical users.

Browser Based Platform

Browser Based Platform

The flow designer can be accessed right from the browser – without a plugin. Workflows can be built, tested, and monitored all right in your web browser.



Multiple Designers - One Pattern

Multiple Designers - One Pattern

In the platform, all applications can be created to automate business processes without writing code. This includes scripts, queries, and structured English. To accomplish this, tools are designed to assemble pre-built, encapsulated pieces of functionality from the library. These steps, dashboard pieces, and form elements, enable business analysts to automate processes, assign tasks, communicate, and update databases.



Visual Debugger

Visual Debugger

Flows and forms are tested in the same graphical pattern that they are built using the Debugger. After using visual designers to configure and automate the process, these same pieces can be controlled, interacted with, and observed in a visual debugger.

Audited and Versioned

Any changes to applications such as flows, forms, or reports are saved in a folder along with comments on why the change was made and a full backup of the applications data. To ensure the change didn’t interrupt any existing functionality, unit tests are able to be managed when changes are made.



Historical and Statistical Analysis

Every process can be tracked and secured around the data. Additional data can be published by processes in order to offer details beyond default data that is collected when a workflow is executed. This could include data such as: Status, State Changes, Assignments, User Interactions, Timings, etc.



Full Lifecycle Management

  • Plan
  • Design
  • Test
  • Review
  • Deploy
  • Continuously Verify

The Design Studio allows you to stay in a consistent and understandable environment that provides support for full lifecycle management where you can:

Immediately deploy workflows and use our prebuilt versioning or integrate with corporate standards. There are also several testing and configuring options incorporated in the platform along with versioning, dependency mapping, import/export, continuous build support, and support for external configuration management tools.



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