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From the Whiteboard to Process Automation

Business optimization starts as lines and boxes on a whiteboard. keeps it that way. features graphical designers that let you build out apps without coding in a fully graphical environment.  These workflows can be accessed by users on their computers, tablets, phones or even by SMS.  

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Born in the Enterprise

Enterprises – even small ones – need to have technology they can rely on.  Secure and reliable technology that is able to scale with you. is built on the workflow platform that has been deployed at some of the largest companies in the world to manage critical business processes.


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Lives in Our Cloud or Yours is workflow as a service.  Your forms, reports and services are accessible from anywhere.  However, you do have the option to host workflows in your cloud or even on Amazon AWS/EC2 or Microsoft Azure.  

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Who 'Works' Your Workflows?

All businesses are based around workflows, but many of them are yet to be automated. can be used for simple things like managing and tracking approvals of contracts or new hires, or it can be used for much more involved processes like customer facing forms for insurance quotes or support. Workflows are the integration of people, data and action. They help your organization get more stuff done because the engine is a participant in the process. Whether your desire to have a workflow engine stems from need for streamlined processes, enforcement of policies and business rules, or visibility designers allow you to optimize your business without writing code.

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For the 'Not So Large' Enterprise is a streamlined workflow platform targeting small to medium size businesses.  For requirements like Clustering, High Availability, Disaster Recovery, and Back end Work Distribution look at the workflow and rule platform. parent company and the platform is a super set of  It contains these enterprise infrastructure pieces, more advanced business rule functionality and an developer SDK that allows custom extensions to the steps in the toolbox. If these requirements are things that might be ‘in the future’, no stress. All workflows created in run unaltered in the enterprise platform so upgrading is easy. is...


Flows are graphically designed by connecting steps found in the toolbox.  Flows are the glue that tie together these active elements. has thousands of these steps to choose from.  These steps are things your business does like send an email, assign a task, store data in a database, read in an excel document – plus rules to determine which steps to take next. 


Forms can be built in a graphical designer – or provided by any other technology via a simple REST or Webservice API.  The form builder allows building of dynamic forms with validation, conditional field hiding, and over 75 data controls.  Forms can be built for and target mobile and tablet devices.

User Task Management has a full featured task management including flexible task classification, SLA’s, delegation and escalations.  Task assignments can be made to to users, groups, contextual roles and even guests.  The task lists are available in the portal, via API, or able to be embedded in a website or portal such as sharepoint.  

'Formless' task interactions

Using email or SMS based text messaging, workflow tasks can be responded to – without even even bringing up a browser or mobile form.  Interactions, such as approvals, can be done from any email client or mobile device by simply responding the the task notification.


Smart workflows and forms often need to integrate with data and other systems. features integration to databases and webservices – without writing code.  Additionally, there are prebuilt integrations to common protocols such as FTP, IMAP and HTTP as well as handling of standard file formats such as PDF, Word, Excel, CSV, JSON and XML.

Process Visibility Dashboards offers integrated designers to built oversight and tracking reports and dashboards.  

... And More has ‘building block’ type features to be included in your workflows.  Common business functions such as managing documents, feedback or notifications are provided as integrated services exposed to the flow designer.   These are just a few of the 85 business services that are provided out of the box with the platform.  All these services are ‘optional’ – as existing applications and services in your environment can be integrated.

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